Who I Am

I’m Kathleen Sarkady, a web developer and user interface and experience enthusiast, currently working at inferno.

After growing up in rural Michigan, where I drove down dirt roads and waited for turkeys to cross while driving to school ,I moved down to Memphis in 2013 to join agency life. When I’m not working, you’re likely to find me in my kitchen, covered in flour, developing a new delicious recipe to share with my friends/coworkers. Or on the kickball field, probably losing spectacularly, with my kickball team.

Agency life is full of constantly changing work that always keeps me on my toes and learning new things. Though things can get busy and crazy, I always do my best to make sure the end result of a website is something usable. Not just something that works on every browser and device:

Browser Testing

Sometimes using browser stack just doesn’t cut it.

But something that makes sense. Is intuitive to use and doesn’t leave the user closing out in frustration and going elsewhere. Because at the end of the day, a pretty design is nothing if someone can’t use it.

In addition to writing front-end code, and putting that code in CMSs, I love to be involved in the front-end of development, through wireframing and site mapping, where important points of the user’s experience is defined. Keeping the end user’s experience in mind throughout all phases of development can make some real magic.

Want to Connect?

Email me, look me up on LinkedIn, or if you want to see some Chinchillas and baked goods, follow me on Instagram.